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7 Best Reviewed Fly Fishing Rods For Sale

Choosing a fly rod involves many variables you need to take into consideration. When choosing a fly fishing rods for sale there is no right or wrong decision. At first, choose a quality fly rod for sale that makes you feel the most comfortable. Over time your preferences will change according to the type of action such as medium, medium-fast, or fast action, the weight of the rod, the length of the rod and the line weight.

Longer rods are heavier and harder to cast in the wind but are better roll casters with long leaders, mending, steering your fly and generally better for nymphing.


Shorter rods are better casters but less efficient in line mending. They also have better leverage for turning, lifting and landing heavier fish. Shorter rods seem weightless and cut through the wind better.


Below Are The 7 Best Reviewed Fly Rods For Sale

1. TFO ESOX Fly Rod

If you are are looking for a fast action freshwater or saltwater fly fishing rods for sale, this Esox predator option fly fishing rod offers you a powerful rod that can cast long distances, handle bushy, air-resistant flies and put up with extreme punishment.

You will love the feature the blank coating helps protect the rod from the occasional collision with a weighted fly or gunnel. The non-glare chestnut colored blank features a modified full-wells grip and an extended, IGFA-compliant fighting butt for picking up and casting large flies and heavy line.


2. TFO Bluewater SG Fly Rod

Of all the fishing rods for sale, this fast action saltwater or freshwater fly fishing rod was made for the demands of offshore fly fishing. This fly fishing rod offers the ability to quickly deliver large flies accurately and to then sustain the significant lifting force necessary to fight and large species.

Your will enjoy the casting action and tip recovery necessary for fast and on-target casts. After hookup lower section delivers superior strength capable of dead lifting over 10 pounds.

This fly fishing rod will provide actions that are smoother with a greater power range.


3. TFO Tough Fly Rod

Your medium fast action freshwater or saltwater Tough Fly Rod can handle the tasks of tossing large poppers on a bass pond or drifting egg patterns or Kilowatts for salmon.


Tough fly rods are durable and extremely easy to cast making them ideal for all skill levels. They are ideal for lifting heavy lines and flies off of the water.


4. TFO Signature II Fly Rod


This is a perfect first fly rod that will impress even the experienced fly caster. These Signature II series rods, with upgraded components, offer the same performance as the classic Signature series.

Signature II rods feature an anodized up-locking aluminum reel seat, AA grade cork with handsome accents, oversized stripping guides and a beautiful translucent green blank finish.


5. TFO Clouser Fly Rod


Bob Clouser, a well-known and influential fly fishing personality, has put his talents to design a rod series that is beyond the expectations of fishermen around the world.

Bob Clouser’s fly rod series of freshwater or saltwater fly rods are fast action, lighter, stronger, faster and they are all 9 feet long. They are great for casting weighted lines and wind-resistant flies but delicate enough to protect fine leaders.


6. TFO Mangrove Fly Rod


The Mangrove series fly rods for freshwater or saltwater with fast action have blank coating which helps protect the rod from the occasional collision with a weighted fly are braid and saltwater safe.


7. TFO Finesse Glass Fly Rod


The Finesse Glass fly rod is a medium action freshwater Finesse Trout series which deliver smooth and accurate casts and lightweight rod loading for small waters.

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