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Can Fishing Be Classified As Exercise

Can fishing be classified as exercise? Fishing will help you stay active and healthy and is a perfect activity to help calm your mind, stay relaxed and relieve stress. Fishing is definitely exercise. But it all depends on the effort you put into it and what type of fishing you are doing.

Stream fishing involves a lot of hiking and climbing along the edges of the stream just to get to the water where the fish are. The water resistant you get from wade fishing will work your core to help you stay fit.

With fly fishing, wading through rivers and flinging flies or lures all day can pretty good aerobics. Fly fishing requires constant movement and treading the resistant of the current.

Kayak fishing is a benefit health wise as you troll through a lake or ocean moving from fishing spot to fishing spot.

Surf casting from the beach involves constant moving and casting to catch fish.

Of course, you can just fish from a lawn chair, boat or pier while drinking beer which would not benefit your overall physical health, but it would be calming, stress relieving and relaxing and you would still enjoy yourself.

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