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The Basics Of Trout Fishing

In trout fishing, first things first, you need to know which fish are considered trout. The term can be one that is used for salmon family fish. It includes rainbow, brown, brook, cutthroat and steelhead. You’ll find that they are native to Europe, North America and Asia. But they have been introduced to many areas around the world. Anglers love going after them for their beauty, taste and of course their size.

You’ll find most of them in cooler lakes and rivers. Look where the rapidly moving water finds the slower moving water and where deep water hits the shallow. You can see them in the rocks in a calmer river too. Other species will tend to migrate towards slower currents or faster ones. You’ll find brook, brown and rainbow trout at the head of a pool and the others towards the middle or end of it. You will find most of your trout in water adjacent to the main current.

Baits For Trout

You’ll find a good variety of bait works for snagging the trout you are after. Some of these include earthworms, crayfish, minnows, spinners, and insects work well. Also, consider marshmallows and kernel corn.

Equipment Needed

For most still water fishing, go with a fiberglass or a graphite rod about six or seven feet. Use a basic reel. Eight to ten pound test line works well. For fly fishing, go with a nine foot fly rod and to catch trout over four pounds add 75 feet to your reel. Make sure to get out those waders and your vest with all the flies, knives and baskets you’ll need.

Trout fishing is a type of fishing that is enjoyable. Most enjoy finding just that right spot, behind the fallen tree or in the shallow rocks where the trout love to hide. They are lurking just out of the way of that main current. Take the time to learn more about trout fishing from a professional or look to taking a few lessons. It will pay off.

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