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Fly Fishing Redefined

Fly Fishing is a sport for the crafty and gifted and a form of recreation for the patient. Throughout the years many have claimed that they have discovered the secrets and have yet to unveil more. Yes, they have shared tons of these secrets and we have read about them, more than once. As I have discovered myself, these secrets have been repeated countless of times by different people too, claiming they themselves discovered it. We don’t pass judgment, we applaud them. We have learned and applied what little we have known about the sport itself (or on the contrary – my apologies to the small percentage that are considered experts on this field. This statement does not apply).

This is not one of those moments where I claim my 15 minutes of fame. Just a simple aficionado of the sport hoping to add a little grain to your sack of rice. I promise I wont be overtly original. You have to expect I will mention the secrets we have all discovered. It may not be so secret anymore but still an effective tip to fish. Let’s start where everybody usually does, from the beginning.

What do you usually do the day (or night) before going fly fishing? You prepare the things you need! What do you need? The basics, your fly fishing gear. Rod, reel, line, and bait (live or imitation-fly fishing flies). Of course you need not forget your personal requirements, so to speak. Sunblock, bug repellant and shades for example.

When you get to your fishing spot: after settling, you need to relax and ready yourself. You need to be in top condition; physically, mentally, and emotionally. It may sound so immensely inane but im not saying you have to be “Olympic” material. Just be the tip top self that you can be. When you get to the water, just remember these tips: Dont scare the fish away! You dont want to scare them away, you want to catch them. What’s the purpose of all this when its NOT? Stay as close to the bank where they most probably are hangin’ around. The ripples may make them uneasy but only for a short period. Take note also that the sight of any moving objects may also cause them to move away. That would be you, so lay low and camouflage your clothing to your current environment. Then your set. Have your favorite rod and cast away!

When you’re finished with you day, please remember to completely dry out your gear. You could transfer parasites or diseases to whichever fishing spot you go next. You can apply whatever cleaning solution you want but remember, it has to be eco friendly. You dont want to poison the fish or pollute the next fishing spot you want to visit.

Dont say that there are no excuses for NOT catching any fish. YES THERE ARE! Conditions like, they are not feeding, the temperature is just too hot, its not you day, bad luck or maybe your wife just left you are all valid reasons. Dont beat yourself up because you’re a bad fisherman…well, maybe you are (tip top shape, remember?).

But the important thing is, HAVE FUN! Its not worth the trouble if your not having any fun!

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