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There seems to be one thing most anglers do that isn’t quite right. That’s how they try fishing with jigs. Most fish it faster they should. Jigging can produce a nice quantity of bass but it’s main goal is to produce quality bass.

In The Spring

Fish brush, lily pads that are just coming up, boat docks and rocks. Try fishing shallow water, it warms up fastest. Fish with a 1/2 ounce jig tipped with pork.

In The Summer

Now is when most anglers go to a faster moving lure, you should try jigging. Fish creek beds, channels, grass and lily pads.

In The Fall

Try fishing jigs around wood. Logs, stumps, boat docks and downed trees are good places to fish your jig this time of year. Also try the lily pads that are dying off.

In The Winter

Rivers are great for winter fishing. Try to find slow moving water in the 3 to 9 foot range. A heavier jigs like a 3/8 ounce tipped with pork works good. Deep water can find schools of bass in slow moving water.

Jigging can be one of the best bass producing methods if you fish it slow enough. Keep the jig in front of the fish, move it very slow and you’ll have good results if there are fish to be caught.

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