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What Is The Best Fishing Line For Surf Or Beach Fishing?

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The best fishing line for surf or beach fishing is braided white, green or blue line. You would want to use braided line because it is stronger than monofilament. You would want a white, blue for clear water or green line for muddy water to blend in and keep the fish from detecting the line. Lastly you want around 250 to 300 yard of line to be able to cast longer distances to fish in better spots. Fishing Gear.

What Is The Best Line Pound Test To Use When Saltwater Fishing?

Category: Fishing Frequently Asked Questions

Line pound test refers to the amount of pounds of pressure and fish exerts on the line before it breaks. Higher pound test lines mean it is a stronger line. A 20 to 25 line pound test is probably the best to use at this line can catch almost anything. Larger fish like tuna, marlin or shark will need at least a 30 line pound test. If you are just after small fish, 8 to 20 pound test is sufficient. Fishing Gear.

How Do You Catch Saltwater Baitfish?

Category: Fishing Frequently Asked Questions

Catching baitfish can be accomplished either during the day or night. Fish are attracted to light at night, you can catch baitfish using a long handled bait or shrimp net to scoop bait from the water when they approach you light. Spread fish meal or pellets over shallow areas then later toss a net over the area and pull in the fishbait. You can also place wire mesh traps baited with a variety of baits that will attract baitfish. Fishing Gear.

What Types Of Saltwater Fishing Hooks Are There?

Category: Fishing Frequently Asked Questions

A fishing hook’s size is determined at the gap between the point and the shank. When choosing a fishing hook, you should base your selection on the bait you are going to use and the fish you are trying to catch. There is no standardization in saltwater hooks. Different companies may use the same number system for a hook type but it may be a different sizes for the same number. The main saltwater fishing hooks to consider are J-hooks, circle hooks and trebel hooks. Fishing Gear.

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