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9 Best Selling Fly Fishing Reels For Sale

A smooth drag in your fly reel will help you battle and catch the big running fish. These fishing reels for sale have a washer drag system on the larger reels that offer plenty of torque for impressive fish-stopping power with easy to use drag adjustment system. These fishing reels for sale are designed for ultralightweight performance in a conservative profile with simplistic click and pawl style reels for hitting the water. Easily adjustable for left or right-hand retrieve.

1. Maxxon XG Loaded Fly Reel

The Maxxon XG Fly Reel is the fishing reel to get when it comes to high grade, light weight graphite. This disc-drag system has a smooth retrieve and powerful center disc-drag system to be able to retrieve your line quickly and get it back in the water. The large v-shaped arbor spool is great for catching the larger fish with a quick detatch spool, palming rim and center-line disc drag. Easily converts for left or right hand retrieve.


2. Maxxon Talon Fly Reel

The durable Maxxon Talon Fly Reel is a lightweight aluminum reel design with precision secondary machining. This fishing reel with a v-shaped large arbor spool has a speedy line recovery and strong Rulon disc drag system giving plenty of braking power when battling a fish. Available in many sizes makes this reel the one to have. Converts easily for left or right hand retrieve. This reel also features a Cordura trael pouch and hard anodized finish.


3. TFO BVK SD Fly Reel

The BVK SD series of reels have a fully-sealed drag system has broader range of resistance and is sealed with Delrin® and stainless-steel to keep the drag clean and functioning. Easily change left or right hand retrieve. Each BVK SD reels are machined aluminum and anodized for durability and use in fresh or saltwater. You can pick up the line with incredible efficiency due to the large arbor design. All BVK SD reels come packaged in a black nylon case. These reels are great for almost any kind of fish.


4. Risen “THE WHALE” Fly Reel

The Whale reel comes in 3 sizes to match all the larger game rods for saltwater or freshwater. This reel features fully machined aluminum, nano carbon drag and complete inner structure engineered and designed in the US, over sized handle for better grip, machined reel foot with silicoe pad to fit tight and reduce scratches on your reel seat, 3D cut frame and a colorful color scheme.


5. Maxxon MAX Fly Reel

The MAX is skeletonized fully CNC machined 6160-T6 Aluminum reel design with tight tolerances and a powerful drag system. Comprised with a hard anodized matte black finish, large arbor spool, non-asbestos disc drag, neoprene travel pouch and easily converts for left or right hand retrieve.


6. Maxxon SDX W/ TRAXX Fly Reel

The SDX reel is CNC machined aluminum 6160-T6 hard anodized two-tone silver and brushed gold finish. This reel has waterproof sealed internal construction, carbon and non-asbestos drag system, 3 bearing support on the main shaft, large u-shape arbor spool, Traxx numeric spool tracking system, neoprene travel pouch and converts for left or right hand retrieve.


7. Maxxon XMX Fly Reel

This fly reel is an open caged, fully machined CNC Machined 6160-T6 Aluminum, large arbor spool. It has a one way bearing, smoke silver hard anodized finish, quick detach spool with palming rim, Rulon disc drag removable clicker, comes with a neoprene travel pouch and converts for left or right retrieve.


8. Maxxon SDP Fly Reel with TRAXX

This is a fully sealed and fully machined reel to be used in harsh coastal areas and salt water conditions. This reel is hard coat anodized with a stealth black and smoke silver finish to protect it from the elements and reduce reflection in the water. It has a tough torque where the center shaft locks in with the spool for ultimate control over battling fish.


9. TFO Power Spare Spool


There are 3 fishing reels for sale in this series:
1. TFR POWER I SS with a capacity of 150 yards and 20 pounds(WF6F)
2. TFR POWER II SS with a capacity of 250 yards and 20 pounds(WF8F)
3. TFR POWER III SS with a capacity of 260 yards and 30 pounds(WF12F)

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